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Meet Murf

You guessed it, our food doesn’t cook itself. That's where I come in. The dishes don’t wash themselves either but we can save that part for another time. My name is Murf. From the age of 11 years old to leaving home for college, there was always one thing I would do when I couldn’t sleep. I would take out the cookbooks and start making full course meals while everyone else in my house was sound asleep. I don’t think my mom appreciated the cookbooks left on the floor the next morning, but a girl had to get her start somewhere. Cooking has always been a passion of mine. At the age of 8 years old my father and I would watch all of the great chefs on Tv. Emeril, Bobby Flay, Paula Dean and Mario Batali were regulars in our house. As soon as the show was over, my Dad would challenge me to recreate meals from memory based on the chef we were watching at that moment. Although my father is no longer with us, those memories are the fondest part of my childhood and cooking always takes me back to that time and place. Nothing makes me happier than cooking and creating healthy versions of my childhood kitchen challenges with my father.

As a fitness professional/competitor for many years, my focus was always taking the complicated topic of diets and making them approachable for the average person who is looking to make better food choices. Once I became a mother, I truly understood how much time was focused on raising a child and how being prepared was extremely important for my self-care. I took the many years of knowledge about food and diets and started to prepare meals for myself as a way to save time and focus on the things that really mattered in my life without neglecting my health. As time went on, I had so many friends and people asking for my advice on how to best meal prep for their lifestyle and that’s where Meals With Murf came to life. I now get to work with people to make a healthier and happier you, one meal at a time. I want to show people that you do not need to invest tons of money into fancy foods to get the results you are looking for. Healthy food can be found on every budget without sacrificing quality and taste. So whether you are trying to meet your fitness goals or just aiming to have a healthier lifestyle, I hope that Meals with Murf can be just the thing that helps create a shift in your life. A healthy and happier you, so that you can enjoy the things that matter the most.